10 July, 2011

2011 Plymouth Road Runner Concept Car


If you love the 2010 Dodge Challenger, you’re going to love this concept of the old Plymouth Road Runner. Who is the artist of this new famous concept you might ask? The artist is Michael Leonhard, a car designer from Vienna Austria. The man is definitely talented that’s for sure. The rumor going around the web is this rendering could be the new Plymouth Road Runner for 2011. I’m skeptic to say the least, especially since Chrysler just filed bankruptcy. I don’t think the car company can afford to make another muscle car, I think Chrysler is concentrating all its energy in making an electric car or hydrogen car instead. If the muscle car does come out though, I’m definitely for it, I would love to see another retro muscle car out on the road. Every time I see a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro or a 2010 Dodge Challenger, my head spins and my eyes just gawk in amazement.

My favorite part of the Plymouth Road Runner concept is the front, the glowing halogen head lights just look so cool and add a unique look to its bulky front end. The wheels are decent looking, need a little work. And the back end just screams “bite my dust!” If you check out the car from the side picture, it really brings the muscle car together. All in all, I think Michael Leonhard did a fine job creating this futuristic Plymouth Road Runner. It would be great to see it in real life and one day get passed by it out on the road.


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