10 July, 2011

E-Wolf E2 Electric Concept Car 2011

At this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the German E-Wolf’s show is shaped like a Lotus 7-type while the former face of the E1 resembles a shark single-seat electric car, carbon-fiber body makes the use of vehicle weight of only 500 kg, its advantages can be everyone’s attention.
E-Wolf E2 electric concept car 1

E-Wolf Car Standard
E-Wolf does not meet the E1 results in order to concept cars with E1 as the Frankfurt Motor Show this year, appeared in front of us the E2 two-seater electric concept car, has also released the first official map, and will be officially listed in 2011.

E-Wolf E2 electric concept car
E-Wolf E2 electric concept car
E-Wolf E2 electric concept car
E2 electric concept length 5000mm × width 1900mm × high-1200mm, learned in the appearance of many classic sports car design, and their. The exaggerated front air intake resembles Ferrari Enzo, while the wedge-shaped lines will have to reminds us of the Lamborghini, to the tail while showing a hint of Broadcom Mantide taste. As a zero-emission electric vehicles, vehicle quality and only 900 kg, is really something to raspberry.
E-Wolf E2 electric concept car
E2 is full of electric power can be an ultra-endurance running 300km, while the use of fast charge, then half an hour you can reach a certain level of power, E2 lithium battery design life of at least 10 years. It is learned, E-1 will be on sale in early 2010, while the projected 2011 sales of E-2 may be better brought back everyone’s interest.

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